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Colorado bill to make death penalty easier dies

This week, a Colorado bill to make the death penalty easier to impose was killed by the Senate. The bill, if passed, would have allowed juries to impose the death penalty by a non-unanimous decision. Given the disparate way the death penalty is imposed, the ever present problem of convicting innocent individuals, our communities reluctance […]

Fatal Accident Could Be Due To Faulty Brakes

According to, Denver CBS Local News an accident took the lives of two construction workers. The SUV careened and ran into the workers in a work zone doing construction on the Broadway intersection of C-470. The driver of the SUV is being charged with the death of the two victims and reckless driving. According to, […]

Deaf Inmate Held Without Interpreter | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Sheriff’s department of Adam’s County reached a settlement in U.S. District Court concerning the rights of deaf inmates at the county jail, according to the Denver Post. The settlement was the result of a lawsuit filed by the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition and the Colorado Association for the Deaf on behalf of a deaf man […]

Colorado High Court Declines Medical Marijuana Case | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

According to the Denver Post, the Colorado Supreme Court has declined to hear a case that raises the issue of the right to medical marijuana under the Colorado Constitution. Last year, the Colorado Court of Appeals decided that the Colorado Constitution protects Coloradans from criminal prosecution for medical marijuana use, but does not actually create […]

Supreme Court Hears Foster Care Cases | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases in one day regarding the rights of foster parents and children in foster care, according to the Denver Post. One of the cases involved a case in which parental rights had been terminated over allegations of domestic violence. On appeal, the mother’s rights were restored, but […]