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Want to seal your record?

Do you know anyone who could benefit from sealing or expunging a criminal record or getting off the sex offender registry? As you know it can be very difficult to get a job, housing, or other services for people who have a prior criminal record. The Colorado Criminal Defense Institute & Office of the Colorado […]

Marijuana State-of-Mind

Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana has been widely publicized across the country. As a criminal defense attorney in Colorado, I’ve always felt that drug abuse should not be penalized but treated as a health problem. However, with the recent legalization comes the follow up question of what impact will Colorado’s legalization of marijuana have on […]

New Guidelines for Pre-Employment Criminal Checks | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has approved a new set of rules regarding criminal background checks on people applying for jobs, according to a report by MSNBC. The EEOC has long had guidelines for the appropriate use of background checks, but when the old guidelines were written, there was no internet, and most employers didn’t […]