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Denver Criminal Defense Law FirmBail is an aspect of the criminal justice system that everyone knows something about, but many people don’t truly understand. When someone is charged with a crime, their trial is not held immediately; in many cases the trial will be delayed for weeks or months. Rather than automatically hold every defendant who is awaiting trial in county jails for all of that time, most people are given the opportunity to secure their freedom until the trial. Shortly after an arrest is made, the person who is arrested will attend a hearing at which it will be determined whether there is enough evidence to formally charge them with a crime. If it is decided that there is enough evidence, they will be given the opportunity to pay bail, which will allow them to leave jail, under the promise that they will attend all required court appearances. It is important to know that you are permitted an attorney at this first hearing. In many cases, Denver criminal defense attorney Alaurice Tafoya-Modi has been able to help secure the most reasonable bail possible for people, or even to prevent charges from being filed at all.

Bail Protects your Rights

One of the ideals of the American criminal justice system is that we don’t believe in punishing the innocent. Combined with the fact that everyone is considered innocent until they have been proven guilty at trial, this means providing a way for those who claim their innocence to stay out of jail until their trial. Bail is basically a deposit that you make with the court, to guarantee that you will fulfill your promise to appear when it is time. When your case is over, if you have made all of your required appearances, your bail will be returned to you. Many people are under the impression that when you pay bail, that money is just gone; the fact is, you do receive that money back, as long as you fulfill your legal obligation to appear before the court. In return for that deposit, you are granted your freedom, which means, among other things, that you can continue to work and earn your living, spend time with your family, and live the most normal life possible.

How a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

When setting bail, the judge has a schedule that gives a “normal” range at which to set bail. However, he or she has the discretion to lower or raise that amount depending on the details of your situation. Factors that might lead the judge to raise bail include past criminal history, history of missing court appearances, or fear that the person may leave the state in order to avoid punishment. However, there are also several factors that may lead a judge to lower the bail amount. A dedicated Denver criminal defense attorney can meet with you to discuss your situation before the hearing, and then explain to the judge why your bail should be lower than the schedule amount.

The Tafoya Law FirmIf you have been arrested for any crime, or if you believe that you may be arrested, contact the Tafoya Law Firm today to protect your rights. Alaurice Tafoya-Modi is a dedicated, compassionate Denver criminal defense attorney who understands that everyone finds themselves in a difficult place from time to time, and will advocate aggressively for your rights. From securing the lowest possible bail, to working to have charges dropped, through the trial process, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi will fight hard for the best possible outcome for you. She understands how to design your defense around the details of your specific case, and believes that compassion for her clients is the hallmark of a good Denver criminal defense attorney. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION contact Alaurice Tafoya-Modi today at (303)813-1100.