Fraud | Denver Criminal Defense Law Firm

Fraud is a broad category of economic crime which involves using deceit to obtain money or something else of value. As with any criminal charge, the consequences of fraud charges can be long-lasting and severe; if you have been charged with fraud of any kind, or if you believe that you will be, contact an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights. There are various forms of fraud, from mail fraud to insurance fraud, to tax fraud, forgery, and more. The similarity is that they all involve some form of deceit to either acquire something, or to avoid paying something.

How Can I Defend Myself?

Fraud charges can become extremely complicated, because there are often hundreds or even thousands of pages of documents and complicated accounting involved in the crime. You need a criminal defense lawyer who has the legal skills and the resources to wade through all of the evidence, finding the details that will protect you.  Denver criminal defense lawyer Alaurice Tafoya-Modi has experience defending people against fraud charges; she will do the work, and use her resources to find the experts who will help your case. When you face fraud charges, your future is at stake; Mrs. Tafoya-Modi will be the fierce advocate that you need to protect it.

Alaurice Tafoya-Modi has a wealth of experience to draw upon, having started her legal career in the Denver County Public Defender’s Office, then joining a private firm where she continued to work in criminal defense. Since opening her own Denver criminal defense law firm, she is able to bring all of the compassion and aggressive advocacy that she believes everyone charged with a crime is entitled to. Don’t let fraud charges put your future at risk. Mrs. Tafoya-Modi will fight hard for the best possible outcome for you, whatever your situation. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION call her today at (303)813-1100.