Economic Crimes | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Economic Crime is a broad category of criminal charges referring generally to taking possession of money or other items of value that do not belong to you. Economic crimes include various forms of fraud, as well as embezzlement and forgery. Each of these crimes requires a different set of skills for an attorney, and each charge puts your future at stake.  If you face charges for any of these crimes, speak with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, before you speak with police. Protecting your rights at the time of arrest can have a significant impact on the end result of your case. Alaurice Tafoya-Modi has the legal skills and practical experience that you need to get the best possible outcome from a tough situation.

Fraud is the use of deceit or misrepresentation to gain access to something of value. There are many different types of fraud, from mail fraud to insurance fraud to tax fraud and more. Embezzlement refers to taking possession of money or assets that the actor has control of, but not possession over. An example would be a financial officer at a company taking advantage of his or her position to take money from the company. Forgery is creating fake documents, in many cases stock certificates or other monetary instruments.  Each of these charges requires a different strategy, and each requires the dedication of an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer.

How Do I Defend Myself?

All of these charges can become extremely complicated, and to fully understand them, you need a thorough understanding of accounting practices. Mrs. Tafoya-Modi has the resources to bring in experts to help sort through the evidence, and design the most effective defense for the facts of your particular case. It is important to understand that every criminal case is different, and Mrs. Tafoya-Modi handles every client differently, but every client gets the compassion of an attorney who understands the tough situations people can find themselves in, and a fierce advocate in all phases of the justice process.

If you have been charged with any economic crime, or if you believe that you will be, your future is at stake. Contact an experienced, aggressive Denver criminal defense law firm at once.  Criminal convictions can make it difficult to keep or find a job, obtain housing or participate in government programs. Contact Alaurice Tafoya-Modi immediately, before you speak with police. For a FREE CASE EVALUATION contact her today at (303)813-1100