NYE Hit and Run Claims Teen’s Life

871920_lowNew Year’s Eve is always an eventful night. For many people, NYE means drinking with friends and sometimes family. Going out to bars can be a great way to ring in the new year. But many people make poor decisions on NYE. Unfortunately, these poor decisions can cause many life altering  events. One teen’s life was ended after he decided to flee from a fight that had broken out on 21st and Main Street. According to The Denver Channel, a fight broke out between a group of white males and a group of black males. The policed report indicated that there were multiple men who had been arguing near the Pizza Hut earlier in the night and soon after took multiple cars to a Noodles & Company on 21st.  This is when a fight broke out with the other group of men. The teen who ran from the fight was said to be involved in the fight. He was fleeing down main street when he was struck by a van going southbound. A second car rear ended the van after it hit the 16 year old boy. However, the second car was the only driver who stayed at the scene of the accident. Police are looking for the driver of the van.

Have you made a serious mistake and fled the scene of an accident? Contact a Denver defense attorney today to learn what legal options you have.

A car accident can happen in a matter of seconds. It is very important that if you are involved in an accident you stay calm and help anyone out of a car if there is front end damage to their vehicle or yours, in case flammable liquids are leaking. It is also important to stay at the scene of the accident. In 2009 the Denver Police Department reported that there were 21,554 accidents reported that year. Out of those 21,554 accidents, 5,178 of those were a hit and run accident. This means that out of the total number of police reported accidents, over 23% of accidents in Denver were hit and run accidents.

This is a big issue in Colorado. Many people are concerned that hit and run accidents are so common in Denver because the penalty for a hit and run is less than a DUI. This would mean that if a driver runs into someone while they are intoxicated, if they leave the scene, go home and sober up, then turn themselves in later, they could avoid a DUI. A Denver Post analysis of statewide sentencing data showed a drinking-related offense on average led to a 25-percent longer prison sentence than the defendant in a hit and run accident. This could mean there is an incentive to drunk drivers to leave the scene of an accident.

tafoya_courtroom_webIf you have made a terrible mistake and are facing criminal charges contact Alaurice Tafoya-Modi, a Denver defense attorney who is dedicated to each of her clients and wants to hear from you. No matter what your mistake was it is important that you still protect your rights. There is a big chance that you will have to make multiple appearances in front of a judge, don’t go to any court proceedings undefended. Seek out an aggressive Denver defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge to help you defend your rights and possibly receive a lesser sentence for your mistake. It is worth it to hire an attorney who can protect you as you go through the judicial system. If you would like to talk to a defense attorney about your legal options contact The Tafoya Law Firm for a free case consultation today at (303) 813-1100.

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