Minor Arrested For Leaving A Bomb At His School


A minor who was arrested for leaving a bomb at his school has been charged as an adult, according to the Denver Post. The sixteen-year-old boy faces charges of attempted murder, use of explosives, possession of explosives and two counts of felony menacing. A teacher at the boy’s school found an explosive device. The school was evacuated, and the bomb squad exploded the device in a safe area away from the school. No one was injured. The police described the device as being similar to a pipe bomb. The boy’s attorney has filed a motion to return the case to juvenile court. He believes that it belongs there because the boy has never been in trouble before and n one was hurt in the incident.

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Minors can be charged as adults if the circumstances warrant, although it is not terribly common. Typically, this happens in cases where the crime was very serious and the minor has a history of being in trouble with the police. The consequences generally become much more severe when children are tried as adults, and some believe that a child who is tried as an adult will have a much harder time reclaiming hos or her life and moving on after the consequences for their actions have been paid. It is possible to have the charges moved back to juvenile court, however the process can be complicated.

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