Zimmerman May Face Federal Charges

Federal prosecutors are looking thru evidence and determining if they are going to charge George Zimmerman with any criminal civil-rights charges in connection with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmermen was found not-guilty last week of criminal charges by the state of Florida but can still be charged in federal court as well as […]

5,000 Jury Summonses In The Trial Of James Holmes

  The judge in the trial of James Holmes, for the movie theater shooting in Aurora, intends to send out roughly 5,000 jury summonses, according to the Denver Post. This would create by far the largest jury pool for a trial that has ever been called in Colorado, and among the largest in the country. […]

Minor Arrested For Leaving A Bomb At His School

  A minor who was arrested for leaving a bomb at his school has been charged as an adult, according to the Denver Post. The sixteen-year-old boy faces charges of attempted murder, use of explosives, possession of explosives and two counts of felony menacing. A teacher at the boy’s school found an explosive device. The […]

Federal Criminal Laws

  The Deseret News out of salt Lake City, UT is carrying an opinion piece by former U.S. Senator Robert Bennett concerning federal criminal laws, and mandatory sentences for those offenses. At one time, very few criminal offenses were federal crimes; most offenses were tried under state laws. While this is still true to a […]

2/3 of Female Prisoners Suffer Psychological Disorder

According to the Denver Post, a significant majority of female inmates in Colorado prisons suffer from psychological disorders. While the percentage of male prisoners suffering from mental illness has been on the rise as well, the percentage is still approximately half that of female prisoners, at around 30%. Many female prisoners have been in and […]

NYE Hit and Run Claims Teen’s Life

New Year’s Eve is always an eventful night. For many people, NYE means drinking with friends and sometimes family. Going out to bars can be a great way to ring in the new year. But many people make poor decisions on NYE. Unfortunately, these poor decisions can cause many life altering  events. One teen’s life […]

Will Colorado Drivers Be Too High To Drive?

According to The Denver Post, law makers are getting close to setting a legal limit to stoned driving. The law makers are trying to create a limit that reflects the science of the drug. Unfortunately, there is not a definitive answer to how high a person is based on the amount of active THC per […]

Fatal Accident Could Be Due To Faulty Brakes

According to, Denver CBS Local News an accident took the lives of two construction workers. The SUV careened and ran into the workers in a work zone doing construction on the Broadway intersection of C-470. The driver of the SUV is being charged with the death of the two victims and reckless driving. According to, […]

Man Says He Was Selling Meth To Make ‘Ends Meet’

According to the Denver Post Boulder SWAT obtained a warrant to search a house and found methamphetamine. The man had kept needles, a digital scale, small bags and 1.4 grams of methamphetamine in a safe in his bedroom. The 49-year-old man and 43-year-old woman were arrested for having possession of a controlled substance. The man […]