Federal Criminal Laws


white-collar-criminal-cuffsThe Deseret News out of salt Lake City, UT is carrying an opinion piece by former U.S. Senator Robert Bennett concerning federal criminal laws, and mandatory sentences for those offenses. At one time, very few criminal offenses were federal crimes; most offenses were tried under state laws. While this is still true to a large extent, many drug offenses are tried as federal offenses. The mandatory minimum sentences that these offenses carry take discretion out of the hands of judges, who are trained and experienced in determining what is right based on the facts of the specific case, and gives that control to a law that was written with no specific knowledge of a particular case. This can result in people spending inordinate, unfair amounts of time in prison for relatively minor crimes.

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As an example of the danger of mandatory minimum sentences, Bennett raises the example of a 20-year-old man who was arrested for possession of marijuana. The young man was also carrying, but not using, a gun. As a result, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison because of mandatory sentencing. By contrast, had he not had the marijuana, shot someone with the gun, and pled guilty to manslaughter, he would spend much less time in prison than he will. These mandatory minimums make it especially important for anyone charged with a federal crime in Colorado to seek the assistance of an aggressive, experienced Colorado federal criminal defense attorney.

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