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Want to seal your record?

Want to seal your criminal record? The Colorado Criminal Defense Institute is holding more free clinics for individuals needing assistance to seal their criminal records as well as assistance to individuals who want to petition to remove themselves from sex-offender registries. The first clinic is held this weekend, September 22 at the Denver CU Campus, […]

Forgeries call into question hundreds of Colorado DUI or DWAI convictions

The Denver Post has reported that a Colorado Department of Public Health official recently admitted that his signature was forged on hundreds of certifications for intoxilizers.  These intoxilizer machines must be properly certified before they are used in DUI investigations.  However, the official admitted that his signature was forged by untrained civilians in order to […]

Want to seal your record?

Do you know anyone who could benefit from sealing or expunging a criminal record or getting off the sex offender registry? As you know it can be very difficult to get a job, housing, or other services for people who have a prior criminal record. The Colorado Criminal Defense Institute & Office of the Colorado […]

Colorado bill to make death penalty easier dies

This week, a Colorado bill to make the death penalty easier to impose was killed by the Senate. The bill, if passed, would have allowed juries to impose the death penalty by a non-unanimous decision. Given the disparate way the death penalty is imposed, the ever present problem of convicting innocent individuals, our communities reluctance […]

Frivolous lawsuit or not?

Joseph Lamour did a piece on the true facts of the lawsuit against McDonalds by Stella Liebeck, the elderly lady who spilled McDonalds hot coffee and suffered burns. Many people have a perception about frivolous lawsuits and the McDonalds case may come to mind. However, when the true facts are actually reported by the media, […]

Good news for Federal Drug Defendants!

Today the Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to adjust the Drug Quantity Table down by 2 levels. This amendment to the guidelines will be submitted to Congress by May 1, 2013. Barring Congressional action, it will take effect November 1, 2014. What this means for you if you have been charged with a federal drug offense […]

Marijuana State-of-Mind

Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana has been widely publicized across the country. As a criminal defense attorney in Colorado, I’ve always felt that drug abuse should not be penalized but treated as a health problem. However, with the recent legalization comes the follow up question of what impact will Colorado’s legalization of marijuana have on […]