Here are some of the things that Mrs. Tafoya-Modi’s clients have said about her handling of their cases:

December 12, 2014 – I was charged with a major narcotic conspiracy case. Mrs. Alaurice Tafoya-Modi’s representation in this matter was awesome! The government wanted me to settle for a lengthy prison sentence. Yet, with the diligence and persistence of Mrs. Tafoya-Modi, she was able to reduce that amount to well under half of what they wanted! She brought me hope when I thought none existed. I recommend her as an excellent choice for counsel in complex and difficult matters as I’ve experienced. I have no regrets and much thanks. G.P.

I was previously a client of Alaurice Tafoya-Modi. On March 5, 2012, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi entered an appearance as my attorney in a federal case. During the course of the proceedings, she was always responsive to all my phone calls as well as letters. In addition, she always made time to visit me, to listen and answer any questions or concerns regarding my case. I was sentenced on October 10, 2013 and I believe that Mrs. Tafoya-Modi got me the best plea deal available and I truly believe if it wasn’t for the mandatory minimum drug laws, she would have helped me receive an even lesser sentence. I would say that overall Mrs. Tafoya-Modi is an excellent attorney who will stand and fight for her client’s rights and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. D.G.

In April of 2013, I was arrested for a very serious charge. I was so terrified and worried for my future. In May I had the great pleasure to meet Mrs. Tafoya-Modi as she represented me as my attorney. Due to this, I can return to college. Currently, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi and I are at constant communications with one another even if it’s just a “Hello, How’s everything going?” She is one of the best Lawyers I’ve known as well as a wonderful mom. She is a very caring person she always contacts me to see how my daughter and I are doing, or if we need anything. She was always on top of my case doing all that was possible to help me. In saying that she worked so hard scheduling extra meetings with me to make sure we seeked every option possible. Day or night she would do everything she could to make the case better even if that meant more interviews with others that were involved in the case or talking to the DA or whatever it was she had to do she would get the job done. Having Mrs. Tafoya-Modi represent me was the best thing that could’ve happened, she stopped at nothing to get every detail down to make sure she knew exactly what she needed to do to win the case. In every court date she communicated with me about what was going on as well as explaining all the legal terms. If there was any bad news she was straight forward with it and always made sure all questions were answered. I would HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Tafoya-Modi to everyone whom would love to win their case because she will do everything in her power to represent one and win the case as well as informing one of all their options!!! — M.G.

I just want to tell you thank you very much for all the help. You helped me out in a case I had in Denver in ’08, and I never got to express my gratitude to you! So I’m finally out and I have a good job and my family is here for me 100% and we are thankful for how you handled my case; so thanks again, and if I ever run across anyone who needs a good lawyer, I will let them know who to talk to! May God bless!

I’m writing this recommendation in reference to the Attorney at Law Alaurice Tafoya-Modi. I heard about Ms. Tafoya-Modi through a recommendation from a friend in November, 2012. When I first heard about Ms. Tafoya-Modi, I was having many issues with my previous attorney, which shortly led to me terminating him. After the termination of my previous attorney, my family and I were very particular in interviewing several lawyers within a 2-3 week time span. After a free consultation interview with Ms. Tafoya-Modi, my family and I were impressed with the advice and knowledge of the law that Ms. Tafoya-Modi expressed, which made us feel very comfortable and confident in hiring her for representation. Having been involved with quite a few attorneys in my time, it is to my understanding that attorneys’ caseloads can be very busy if not overwhelming. I must say from the day I hired Ms. Tafoya-Modi she was very professional, working precisely on all aspects of my case. I truly feel Ms. Tafoya-Modi is a unique attorney, and stands out from the others.

Although Ms. Tafoya-Modi had several other cases and research she had to attend to while she represented me, she worked very hard and treated my case as if it were her top priority. She provided very key facts and cited several case laws which supported our defense. Ms. Tafoya-Modi was very communicative with my family and I, and kept us updated on a weekly basis of any changes and/or progress made on the case. She was also very open and understanding to any suggestions and concerns I expressed in relation to our case, which she handled humbly. She was very professional, very organized and very assertive in my case. I speak for my family and myself when I say that we are 100% satisfied and impressed with her representation. Ms. Tafoya-Modi takes her career very seriously and truly does strive for what’s in the best interest of her clients. I would like to recommend Ms. Tafoya-Modi to anybody seeking legal representation for any criminal matters and also feel she should be evaluated as a super lawyer! I am very grateful and appreciative for the services of Ms. Tafoya-Modi.

Hello my name is Joshua and I am a full-time culinary art student and I have known Mrs. Tafoya-Modi for approximately 6 months. Mrs. Tafoya-Modi represented me as my attorney. I was facing 2 felony charges, burglary and theft. The first meeting we had, we discussed the charges and what actually happened; she did not criticize or judge me in any shape or fashion. I feel that I know her well enough to know that she took it upon herself to go as far as we could go and let me know all the information that I did not understand and she explained it fully. The legal representation that I received, I could not have asked for anything else because she went to bat for me over and beyond what some attorney’s will do for the clients. She was there for me throughout the whole ordeal, she was also straight forward on if the DA did not want to move what I could be facing, and she also gave me words of encouragement after all was over. She had a very impressive appearance and excellent communication skills to where I could understand exactly what was going on with my case. She was eager to represent me and I realized this the first day I met her and also with each and every court date we had she went over and beyond with enthusiasm. I will say that being a first time offender facing a felony on my record, she fought to the end to prevent this from happening and I received a Deferred Judgment with 2 years probation and once that is over, my record will be clear as far as no permanent felony conviction on my adult record. I just want to say that I would not have wanted another attorney to represent me and I am happy with the entire outcome and with the outcome of Mrs. Tafoya-Modi’s assistance. Thank you. –Joshua S

I am the Account Manager for People’s Rent To Own. I first met Mrs. Tafoya-Modi in 2011 when I was referred to her by a friend after being charged with a criminal offense. Promptly after, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi agreed to take my case and represent me as my attorney. Over the next year, I spent many hours with Mrs. Tafoya-Modi, and developed a professional relationship.


As my attorney, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi’s work ethic was professional, communicative, and straight-forward. She always made sure I was informed of any new details regarding the case. With her years of experience, she was able to give me advice as to what she believed was the correct way to approach the problem, but yet was very open to my opinion and really took it into consideration. The outcome of my case really showed the hard work and dedication that was implied by Mrs. Tafoya-Modi.


As a client of Mrs. Tafoya-Modi, she didn’t just see me as a client; she took the time to know me as an individual. The after-effect of her kindness and willingness to go above and beyond her duties to get to know me and my background clearly showed in court as she represented me and spoke on my behalf. I was truly pleased with the end result my case had. Thanks to Mrs. Tafoya-Modi I have received a second chance for a superior future. – C.T.

“Thank you again and again. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you did for me and you will be rewarded in life for everything you do for people. Thanks.” – Amanda M.

This letter is written to express my great satisfaction for the un-likely but achieved result by my attorney, Alaurice Tafoya-Modi. I highly recommend her for her knowledge and hard work as an attorney.


Our paths crossed when she became my defense attorney. During the little more than 2 ½ year federal case, she informed and showed me all that I need to know and do, most turn out to be perfect timing but never late. The attorney/client confidentiality between us was as tight as an undersized jean and that might be an understatement. Also, she had never shown any judgment through her words or actions for anything I have shared with her. She wasn’t the type of lawyer that will bring your hope up to what seems to be un-reachable result, but she really did well to give me the understanding and confidence in what we can achieve. I liked the fact that she didn’t emphasize every detail but made every effort for me to understand the important ones. By doing that, it made a positive affect on my anxiety level. She has professionalism in the way she deals with clients as well as her demeanor in the courtroom. Mrs. Tafoya-Modi really has the knowledge in the law. She will make the effort to research every other possible information and/or related case to help you in your case as she did for mine In my case, she got the best possible result and for that I thank her tremendously for her efforts.

Sincerely,   –    B.L.

I have known Alaurice Tafoya-Modi for several years, so when I turned to her as a friend for legal counsel, it was not a surprise to have been met with both compassion and understanding. I had recently started a new career, and was charged with a DUI, only months later. It was a very devastating time of my life, as my career focused on my ability to drive clients around. With the stringent Colorado laws regarding alcohol related driving offenses, I was looking at possible jail time, and one year of no driving privileges, among other penalties. Ms. Tafoya-Modi promptly recommended an attorney for the DMV portion of my case, while taking on the criminal side.


Ms. Tafoya-Modi made certain to refer me to one of the best DUI attorneys for the DMV portion, with the comment if anyone can help you, it will be this person.


Ms. Tafoya-Modi and I were scheduled for a pre-trial hearing, where we were offered a DUI. Ms. Tafoya-Modi advised me to not accept this charge. This was a very emotional experience for me. I had never been arrested for anything before in my life. She went with me to get my mug shot, and to get fingerprinted. She patiently waited with me, which made me feel so much more comfortable.


A motion was set for second pre-trial hearing, at which we were again offered the DUI. Ms. Tafoya- Modi urged me to not accept this offer.


Ms. Tafoya-Modi was always available to answer any question big or small during these months of waiting. She wanted to learn more about me as a person, and genuinely wanted to help me. It is evident that she truly believes that everyone deserves fair representation, and she offers the reassurance of her dedication to her clients’ cases to ensure that they obtain the best possible outcome.


Prior to our third pre-trial hearing, Ms. Tafoya-Modi was able to secure me an offer of DWAI. And, at my sentencing she was able to lower my probation time period from two years to one year, with no jail time, and no additional driving revocations on the criminal side.


Ms. Tafoya-Modi is an incredible person, with an incredible heart, who will do her very best to secure the most favorable outcome for her clients. Even in her referrals to other attorneys, she is diligent and conscientious. Without her referral to the appropriate attorney for the DMV portion, I was facing having an interlock device installed in my car for two years. I would have lost my job, my career. With her excellent referral, I was able to win on appeal and only need the interlock device installed for four months, and retain my job.


I do not know how I would have gotten through this ordeal without the help, dedication, and persistence of one of the kindest women. I am not only grateful, but privileged to know her.

Much gratitude – JH

“I was recently released from incarceration. I have known Mrs. Tafoya-Modi for approximately 18 months. She was my attorney on a complex federal conspiracy case, involving 22 defendants (including myself) on 55 counts. The penalty for count 1 in this indictment was 10 years to life imprisonment.  I could not have asked for better representation. Her initial step was to secure an investigator to collect as much information as possible regarding my involvement in the case, my character, my family, my associates, and my employers. It was her goal to have all the information that the prosecuting attorney’s had plus some. In the mean time she reviewed quite literally thousands of pages of discovery. It was obvious on my first day of court she had thoroughly examined the contents of the discovery. Of the 22 attorneys representing the defendants in this case, she was 1 of 3 who spoke directly to the judge and challenged the justifications of the indictments. The judge ruled for the prosecutor to provide further evidence justifying certain positions. She filed numerous motions and several were granted. She filed a motion on every opportunity that was available, even if it was a long shot, including a convincing motion to dismiss. Ultimately I was released with time served. It was a direct result of the thorough research provided by my representing attorney, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi. The Federal Prosecutor even made a point to comment to me that my attorney, Mrs. Tafoya-Modi, was very thorough and I was lucky. Throughout the entire case Mrs. Tafoya-Modi kept me informed and my family informed on the status of the case. In fact she still stays in touch. She genuinely cared and it showed in the quality of my defense. I would highly recommend her. “Sincerely,

“It is with great joy, appreciation and gratitude that I give this testament of the outstanding job that Alaurice Tafoya-Modi did in handling my personal injury case against the Walmart Corporation. On April 28, 2006, I, Mary Williamson went into the Walmart store on Smith Road while there I had to use the rest room. I entered the handicap stall where I fell while trying to use a toilet that unknown to me was broken and broke my wrist. I contacted the law office of Alaurice Tafoya-Modi to represent me in court. Despite the fact that Walmart is a major entity in corporate America, she accepted my case without fear or hesitation. The injuries I sustained were totally due to Walmart’s negligence but they didn’t want to pay over $14,000. Ms. Tafoya-Modi took this challenge head on and she worked tirelessly for three years and took it to a jury trial. Although the process was lengthy it was well worth the wait because the jury rendered a verdict for $74,000. I am thankful to Alaurice. She is a woman of intellect, compassion and integrity and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney. – Mary L. Williamson

“Bronze and Beauty. That’s how i would describe the representation of The Law Office of Alaurice Tafoya-Modi. All muscle with the precision of a calm butterfly. The courage to ask for assistance from her adequate resources to put in 100% effort is hard to do. It does not show incompetence, but, care for the client. My case was as serious as you can get, and she had the “A” team for it. The emotions of Alaurice and Mandarin were genuine at heart in my case, so imagine if you had to pay. lol! Its worth the money trust me. I am considering sending a retainer. God Bless you Alaurice.” – DeCal Smith “aka” A Free “innocent” Man

“Dear Alaurice, Thank you again for a great job for Garry. God Bless you and your sweet family and continued good success.”  – Barb

“Kris and I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us. You were great yesterday.”  – Kris and Paul